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Help the youth coaches in his work in a practical way

The production of the new training curriculum of the German Athletics Federation (Deutsche Leichtathletik-Verband) "Jugendleichtathletik GRUNDLAGENTRAINING" for the age group U12 to U16 is nearing completion.

The youth coaches still have to wait a few weeks, but can already look forward to it, because the publication of a completely revised training curriculum for the basic training is targeted for August / September. Since last year the groundwork has been laid out, photo and video shootings in Munich, Mainz and Leverkusen were carried out and an extensive manuscript was written. Now the editors turn onto the home stretch.

In nine chapters Wolfgang Killing, who was also responsible for the training curriculum for the age group U18 to U20, and his team of authors tackle the training philosophy, the development of technique and athletic-physical skills, the training and competition design as well as the role of the coach. At the heart of the new standard reference for the training of ages 11 to 15 is the developement of the athletic disciplines.

Impressions of photo shootings

Hurdle sprints
Ball shocks for the power development
Explosive from the starting block
Sprint training in a group
On to the next discipline in Leverkusen
Group photo in Munich
Group photo in Mainz
Dressing with national team equipment
Talk in Leverkusen
Technical instruction in Mainz
Looking over the photographer's shoulder
Private memorial photo in Leverkusen