Diplomas and hymns of praise for the 42nd course

Due to corona requirements, the closing ceremony of the 42nd study course at the International DLV Trainer Academy in Mainz took place on Thursday in a small but fine setting. A total of ten graduates received their diplomas and will in future act as ambassadors for the core Olympic sport in their coaching profession.

On Thursday, DLV President Jürgen Kessing sent a video message to the graduates of the 42nd study course at the International DLV Trainer Academy: “You passed your intensive coach training with flying colors. Even if the course time had to be shortened slightly and some had to be carried out online, you have successfully completed the most important core content such as theory and practice of athletics, general movement and training theory, sports medicine, and sports physiology and can now use your knowledge worldwide. I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart.

Professor Dr. Arne Arne Güllich, DLV Vice President Education and Science, joined the congratulations on site at the DLV Academy in Mainz when the diploma was handed over to the graduates.

Promotion of the Federal Foreign Office since 1978

The Federal Foreign Office has supported and promoted the coaching academy since 1978. Almost 500 graduates have since completed the course and are on the road for athletics worldwide.

“I would like to thank all of the lecturers at the International DLV Trainer Academy in Mainz with their director Dr. Ralf Buckwitz and their course instructor Ralph Mouchbahani. They have always looked after these people with dedication” says Jürgen Kessing.

DLV honor shield for Dr. Thomas Bleicher

Dr. Thomas Bleicher, who is responsible for the German language course for students received a special award. Norbert Brenner, deputy CEO of DLV, presented Bleicher with the DLV badge of honor for his many years of successful work.

Norbert Brenner said: "Dear Dr. Bleicher, since the 1980s you have been THE language teacher for our scholarship holders at the International Coach Academy. You have now demonstrated over three decades how language can be a group-specific medium. In the relaxed and fun classroom atmosphere you designed, the scholarship holders from all over the world quickly led you to astonishing language skills. In doing so, you convey to the students your basic attitude that the key to success does not lie in helping people to help themselves, but in independent analysis and thinking."

As representative of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, on whose campus the study course participants find a home at times, congratulated its Vice President, Professor Dr. Stefan Müller-Stach. Course instructor Ralph Mouchbahani thanked all course participants for their courageous work and wished them all the best for the future. The best course participants Roslinda Samsu and Hakim Ibrahimov praised the great commitment of all lecturers on behalf of all graduates. The academic year was impressively documented with a series of pictures.

Participants in the 42nd course 2019/2020

Danfa, Cheikh Ansou (Senegal)

Odelusi, Ayokunle Sunday (Nigeria)

Azon, Kouessi (Benin)

Barcenas Olvera, Jeudiel Alejandro (Mexico)

Ibrahimov, Hakim (Azerbaijan)

Rath, Socheat (Cambodia)

Tionite, Hini Palé (Ivory Coast)

Rugakingira, Adelina Trassas (Tanzania)

Samsu, Roslinda (Malaysia)

Aung Mar, Win (Myanmar)