Foto: DLV

20 new A-level-coaches successfully complete education at the DLV-Academy

Last weekend the participants of the A-level-coaches education 2018/19 came together for the second part of the training in the DLV-Academy in Mainz. It was the so-called examination course on the program.

The A-level-coaches education in the German Athletics Association (DLV) is divided as the previously to be completed B-level-coaches education in the five discipline blocks - sprint, jump, run, throw and comibined - disciplined and structured. The approximately 60 participating coaches of the current training year had already successfully completed online training phases and the main presentation phase in the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Kienbaum. Last weekend, the A-level-coaches candidates in the DLV-Academy in Mainz continued.

At the beginning of October 2018 in Kienbaum, the first part of the training content and in particular the many specific contents and tasks in the disciplinary groups were important building blocks. Mainz was followed by a varied extended training weekend with many contributions from sports scientists and experienced trainers, which was completed on the last day with a written exam. Prof. Dr. Mark Pfeiffer (regeneration management) and Prof. Dr. Perikles Simon (sports medical training control) from the University of Mainz and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hartmann (training adaption) from the University of Leipzig gave a lecture on their scientific topics.

Competent speakers and informal exchange

Dr. Wolfgang Killing and Herbert Czingon routinely covered the subject areas of competition and master theory as well as the individualization tendencies of training and periodization. The theoretical contribution to the functional mobilization and stabilization training of Roman Jahoda and Taro Netzer was just as well received as the possibility to be able to carry out the exercise programs in the following practical unit even under expert guidance.

In smaller groups, the character of the further education in interaction with the speakers Udo Metzler (long-term talent and achievement development in the jump), Stefanie Kaul (versatile training in the all-around) and Prof. Dr. U. Hartmann (special adaptation to the endurance training in the run) clearly and the knowledge and experience exchange promoted. The informal contacts and exchange opportunities for face-to-face meetings and internships are of great importance in the development of networks in the competitive sports environment between the participants, the trainers and instructors.

After completion of all examinations (homestudy, exams, internships, group and online work), participants will receive their A-level-coaches license. Thus, the training management on Sunday could already look forward to more than 20 new A-level-coaches who have already been able to successfully pass all the examination requirements under the time requirements of work and coaching, and some who have meanwhile submitted everything. All other participants now have the opportunity and task to complete by the end of the year the examination requirements and thus the block-specific education to A-level-coach in athletics.